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Evgeniy Sharapov

What about the name

Looks like English Wiki points to a Turkic origin of the last name Şarap.

As for the first name Evgeniy is a Russian version of the name which is common for many languages, e.g Eugene in English, or Eugen in German. It comes from Greek εὐγενής which literally means "good genetics" from εὖ (eu), "good, well" and γένος (genos), "race, stock, kin"

Short biography

Evgeniy was born and grew up in Perm, Russia where he received his Computer Engineering Diploma from Perm State Technical University.

Figure 1: City of Perm on a map and on a globe.

Interesting historical information about Perm

While working on his degree he participated in student theater, produced a news show on local television.

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While working on his undergraduate degree Evgeniy wa few Junior Engineer internships with the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Chicago, IL where he helped building hardware and software for Compact Muon Solenoid project.

Upon graduation he went to work as an Engineer for an oil petroleum company, then as a Guest Engineer at Fermilab, where he worked on the team building Compact Muon Solenoid project the Large Hadron Collider experiment. It is called the larged collaboration project in the world asnd also the largest machine in the world.

After that he received his Masters degree in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University and went to work as a consultant at company Marlabs for various clients including Siemens and Disney in Orlando, FL.

The career track led him to relocate to the the state of North Carolina, Research Triangle Park area


where he worked for a consulting company building a custom software platform for Metlife Japan until it was successfully handed over to the client.

Looking for new challenges, Evgeniy joined the Audacious Inquiry team to work in the Healthcare IT.

Evgeniy is married with three children which makes life interesting and challenging at the same time. Before he had children he enjoyed dancing Argentinian tango, salsa and bachata, going to social dances and festivals; scuba diving; sailing and hiking. Now he's doing gentle hikes, recreational beach trips and riding a bike with a trailer full of kids.

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